Fee Structure

Our aim is to add value to your project, whether through good design, maximising the benefit of planning approval or efficient contract administration and monitoring of contractors budgets.  Most clients tell us that these benefits more than offset the cost of our fee, whilst also allowing them to proceed with confidence that they have an experienced professional advisor helping them through the design and development process and who is working solely in their interest.

The design of any project, but particularly a home, should be regarded as a joint effort between the client and the architect. Our role is to help you achieve and hopefully exceed your aspirations and it is important that we allow time to sit with you to explore and clearly understand your priorities and objectives.

We offer a range of fee options, depending on which is most suitable to your particular project. Often a combination of these may be used, depending on which is appropriate to each different stage of the project.

Initial Consultation: Our initial consultation is without charge or obligation and we will always confirm in writing the services and associated fees agreed with you before proceeding.

Fixed Fee: Where the scope of the work, time and cost, can be broadly established we will agree a fixed fee against a clearly defined scope of services.

Hourly Rates: Where the extent of the work is very limited, not yet determined or is highly dependent upon third-party ‘unknowns’, such as planning and listed buildings negotiations, the most appropriate basis can be to work to agreed hourly rates, always within an agreed maximum budget and with regular fee statements.  Once a way forward has been established it can then often make sense to switch to either a fixed fee or a percentage cost arrangement.

Percentage of Construction Costs: Traditionally the most common way for architect’s fees to be structured as the fee can be set to broadly reflect the extent and complexity of the work involved.