How much does it cost?

4. How much does it cost?

Our flexible approach to fee structure is outlined on our fee structure page.  We are happy to decide the fee proposal with you to suit a particular project – whether it be based on a fixed fee, where the scope of work can be broadly estimated; hourly rates, where the scope is very limited or unknown; or as a percentage of construction costs.  Typically an agreement will involve a fixed fee for the early feasibility, design and approval stages and then this may translate to a percentage of the construction cost once the project is on site.  It is impossible to give exact guidelines, as every job is unique and different in its scope and requirements, however as a very broad rule of thumb you might expect our fees for a full service to be between 12 – 15% of the total cost of the work.  Obviously this percentage will be a little higher for smaller projects and a little lower for larger projects, as the input relative to the value of the work will vary.  Cost and value are often confused and the latter can be difficult to define, however, we would hope by involving us you would more than recoup the cost of our fees through added value achieved by good design, efficiencies in tendering competitively and effective project management and cost control on site.  In all cases, following our initial consultation, a detailed written fee proposal and agreed scope of works will be put in place before we proceed on your behalf so that there are no misunderstandings between us.

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