Can I have a partial service?

5. Can I have a partial service?

Yes. Our scope of work can be adjusted to suit your requirements on the project.  We very much prefer to see our projects through to completion on site as we feel the selection of the contractor, regular inspections of workmanship, materials and certified valuations using a formal contract are essential to bring a project to a satisfactory conclusion with a high quality end product.  We can equally offer a partial service, perhaps taking the scheme up to planning permission or a little further to building regulations approvals and tender, with the client then managing the build on site.  We are also more than happy to undertake a short feasibility study: looking at sketch options to consider massing, siting and a planning review to enable you to decide whether it is worth progressing further or not.  This can be useful if you are considering purchasing a property that would involve redevelopment or extension and simply require some level of confidence that it would be achievable or permissible.  If you would like to discuss these options please give us a call on 0151 707 0110 or contact

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