What is permitted development?

9. What is permitted development?

Small extensions and alterations may fall within your permitted development rights, which means that a fuller planning application will not be necessary.  There are limits on height, volume, offset and interface distances that will decide whether this is the case.  Our planning consultants will be able to advise on what may be allowed, but an overview of technical guidance can be found at:

In some situations planning permission may be unlikely to be granted, but a lesser form of development may be achievable under permitted development rights.  If your project falls within these rights, we would usually recommend that you, in any case, apply for a Certificate of Lawful Development to confirm this categorically.  This is a simple application that should be supported by suitable drawings and calculations.

In some locations the local authority will have removed some of your permitted development rights, often for example in conservation areas.  We will be able to identify whether this has been done and advise accordingly.

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