Why use studioCASS?

3. Why use studioCASS?

The previous section suggested why you should use an architect, but why us?

1. We listen.  Architects sometimes have an unfortunate reputation for not listening to their clients at the design stage.  We do – it is your home, your money, and your aspirations.  That is not to say that we won’t tell you if we think there is a better way of doing things – we are there to come up with creative ideas and to offer practical solutions.  But nothing will go forward without your approval.  We have many testimonials from happy clients that demonstrate the benefit of this approach.

2. Hopefully you will like us and our approach to design and management.  We always offer a free initial consultation, without obligation, so that we can meet and discuss the project and how we will tackle it.  It is followed up by a written proposal before any written instruction to proceed.

3. Experience. studioCASS is a specialist division of Cass Associates, an award-winning small practice that has been in existence for over thirty years and has over 1,400 completed projects, across all sectors and sizes throughout the north west.  We have a loyal team, many of whom have been with us for many years.  Over the lifetime of the practice we have come across most issues that may arise on a project and have established long-standing relationships with other consultants, contractors and local authority staff.  Importantly, as a small practice, senior staff oversee and are closely involved in all projects, however small.  Your project will not be passed onto junior staff after the initial meeting.

4. Expertise.  We are an RIBA Chartered Practice as well as being members of the Royal Town Planning Institute and the Landscape Institute.  We also have specialist conservation knowledge and are listed on the RIBA Conservation Register. Richard Roberts is an RIBA-accredited Conservation Architect. All our work is covered by comprehensive professional indemnity insurance.  We are a small team with multi-disciplinary skills – incorporating not just architects but landscape architects and planning consultants.  This means that through a single appointment we can call on specialist expertise on each discipline as required by the project – very few architects are able to offer this.

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