Strawberry Farm, Wirral

Client testimonial:

Cass provided us with excellent individualised architectural services, to a very high standard. We had a number of potential issues with planning which Richard was able to resolve and, as busy people, we appreciated all the hassle being removed.

Richard made lots of excellent suggestions, which have resulted in a superb light airy space in our garden house. On the building side, Richard short-listed a number of firms for us and appointed a very efficient pleasant builder, leading to a very good building experience (quite unlike our previous experience).

Richard is a delightful visionary architect who is passionate about his job and has a wealth of ideas about space, light and ecological building. He’s very relaxed, intelligent and patient with clients.”

Dr. D. Richmond

Strawberry Farm, Wirral

This small sandstone cottage, the former dairy building to the adjacent Lever Estate, is set in 9 acres of open countryside in a green belt location and near to a Site of Special Landscape Value.

With a growing family, the client required more space, however the house had previously been extended up to the maximum statutory allowance and subsequent planning applications for an additional extension had been refused by the local authority.

Appointed to find a way forward, we successfully negotiated with the local authority to allow a new detached garden pavilion and glazed extension to the cottage, totalling over 120m² of additional floorspace, using ‘permitted development’ legislation, thereby avoiding the need for a planning application.

Extensive landscape modifications created a new lawned garden and swimming pool, which was framed by the new pavilion and the original house in a formal arrangement to distinguish the garden area from the rest of the grounds, create vistas across the fields and capture the path of the sun.

To reduce impact on the views from the house, particularly from the first floor, the roof to the single-storey pavilion was conceived as a section of landscape lifted from the ground: a gently curved and folded plane planted with a seasonally flowering sedum ‘green roof’. Below the roof the pavilion is timber framed, clad in weathering green oak and cedar, offset by a single elevation fully glazed across its entire length by sliding glass panels shaded by a simple oak pergola. The pavilion is modernist in concept yet sits naturally within the landscape.

Additional accommodation provided includes a large garden room, two additional family rooms, a study, sauna and pool changing facilities. The building is very highly insulated and powered by an Air Source Heat Pump to maximise energy efficiency in an off-grid location.

Services provided: Architecture, Planning, Landscape Architecture.

• Detailed planning negotiations to achieve ‘permitted development’.
• Building Regulations consent
• Re-organised external garden spaces to structure setting for new development.
• Sustainable timber frame-construction, ‘green’ roof and energy solution.
• Appointed for full service, from conceptual design to completion on site.